“The general view of Recruiters is that they can be dishonest mercenaries who overpromise and only look out for themselves. Which is why IMKO Solutions have made it a priority to change the stereotypes in the eyes of both candidates and clients. Therefore, the fundamental values of our business are Honesty, Transparency & Clarity. When dealing with a Recruiter it is paramount for the candidate and client to feel secure” 



Automotive Engineering is the process of designing, producing, operating and maintenance of automobiles. This sector will crossover with other areas in Engineering such as Mechanical & Electrical(M&E), Design, Software Engineering, QA/QC and Health & Safety.

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This is the known as the most creative stage in the engineering lifecycle. It involves the research & development of an idea that leads to a new product. The design is most commonly expressed as a sketch through the use of computer aided design (CAD) & computer aided engineering (CAE).

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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Engineering involves the production of natural gas or crude oil petroleum and it is divided into 3 segments; Upstream, Midstream and Downstream industry. Upstream involves the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas whether it be on land or under water.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, also known as BI is a very specialised segment and we understand that it requires a deep level of understanding and a high calibre of individual professionals to meet an organisations’ requirements. 

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Here at IMKO Solutions we understand the difficulty that organisations experience when looking for a good developer, which is why we have the sophisticated resources in place as well as the huge database off skilled Developers ready to fulfil your needs.

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Project Management

If your organisation takes a traditional approach to software development you may be looking for a highly skilled Project Manager. If your organisation works in an Agile environment, then you may require a Scrum Master.

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